links to enjoy….    a wonderful Oddissi dancer and respected yoga instructor here on the Mendocino Coast.     a true devotee of Oddissi. Colleena runs the  Shakti school of dance in Pushkar, India.        a wonderful inspiration and teacher.         Music CDs, DVDs, and much more!     a truly great dance artist located in the Bay area and Israel.    educational forum for understanding  music and Maqams      “creates better dancers through better technique”     Shira has done a fantastic job of providing information and reviews for  instructional DVDs , music lyric translations and other musings.    If you are really interested in advancing your music and dance skills- this is one of my all time favorite ways to do so..    producers of my favorite zills ( sagat)   wonderful costume resource for locally made skirts,vest, pants , tops and dresses.       local bay area supplier for costumes, jewelry, music and more!          Elana of Raks Rosa runs this wonderful gem of a yoga and dance studio  located in Santa Rosa, CA.