Trillium Tribe

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Nicole Fish
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Trillium Tribe is an amazing circle of women who love Middle Eastern Dance and Music and Song. We create and perform dances both traditional and contemporary. Through dancing, we celebrate the vibrancy of life and share it with our community.

We gather weekly to support each other through our lives celebrating the beauty of this world with music and dance.

Trillium Tribe Members

Theres McNeal.(Current tribe performer)

Theresa began taking Erin Lane’s class about 14 years ago. About a year later, Nicole began teaching the class and she has not stopped since. Theresa enjoys performing here locally on the coast and sharing the music and dance she love with others. She has found dance gives her a chance to connect with herself and others in Although we perform many differing styles of Middle eastern dance – I love the Egyptian Saidi style the best.

Jan Hinson-( current tribe performer)

At eight years old, given the choice between ballet or corrective shoes, Jan chose ballet. Jan’s teacher was a Spanish dancer by trade, named Jose Manero and in the summer tour group of little girls performed Spanish dances for the annual fiesta. Seven years later in high school Jan studied modern dance and tap, in order to perform in the school musical productions. After high school, Jan took a twenty five year break from dancing. A chance meeting with a Spanish dancer from Germany led to street performances of ‘feria’ dances, Sevillanas, in Fort Bragg. Then, Jan began to learn Swing dancing and other partner dances. Lindy Hop took the forefront. Jan found that Swing is jazz and jazz is from Africa, and she wanted to study ‘isolations’. This led to a class called North African Tribal dance, taught by Erin Lane in 2001. At the time, Jan believed this would be a short diversion, but twelve years later she is still enjoying the music, the moves and the company of the fellow dancers of Trillium Tribe.

Franchesca ( current tribe performer)

Franchesca has been part of Trillium for over 10 years. She embodies a fluid grace and an exciting style of improvisation to her solo dances. Franchesca exuberance lifts the spirits of all who witness her perform.

Andrea Keene ( current tribe performer)

Andrea began dancing for the stage as a young teenager when she joined her high school’s Musical Theater Program.  In college she performed with the Latin, Ballroom, and Country and Western Dance Troupes.  She discovered Middle Eastern Dance in Nicole Fish’s dining room one summer evening in 2010 and has been with Trillium Tribe as a dancer and choreographer’s guinea pig ever since.  When she’s not getting her shimmy on Andrea can be found practicing and teaching Jujutsu in Mendocino or homeschooling her daughter Vivianne and she is occasionally guilty of wasting time watching “Dancing With the Stars.”


Head Teacher /Choreographer

Nicole Fish has been involved with the rich world of Middle Eastern Dance for the last 22 years, she has co-produced and performed in events on the Mendocino coast. Inspired by the music and rhythms of the Middle East as can be seen in her passionate and playful style. For the last 12 years, Nicole has also immersed herself in the studies of Bharata Natayam, or Devadasi Sadir. This outstanding form of South Indian Dance is where Nicole has truly come into her own. As this form of Devotional dance requires rigorous training of the body and mind, as the depth of a dancer’s heart and grace is revealed and offered. She currently choreographs for Trillium Tribe and teaches Beg & mixed level classes on the Mendocino coast.