Performance art is is refined and influenced greatly by who our teachers are.

I have had the great fortune to have had the opportunity to study with masters who were great devotees of music and dance.

In the world of Middle Eastern Dance- my first teacher who gave me foundation of folkloric form was Helene of Santa Cruz.

From attending Middle Eastern music and dance camp for the last 10
years, I have been exposed to a long list of wonderful teachers who were
very generous, and spirited. I value them all as teachers and


Shoshanna of Arcata

Zadiel of /Germany

Miriam Peretz of Berkeley / Israel

Helene’ Erickson of Seattle, WA.

Daila Carella of New York.

Suhaila Salimpor of Berkeley

Jon Compton  of Habbi Ru’

Karim Nagi



Currently, Nicole is learning to play the persian santour under the watchful ear of Hamid Saeidi.

In the world of Indian Dance of bharta natayam ;

My first teacher and true mentor  is  Bonnie Lawlor of Seattle.   It is
from Bonnie, I learned a deep articulate awareness of the earth and how
it relates to a dancer’s body and expression.

My other  Gurus of this sacred form, whom all were students of the Bala T. Saraswati. music and dance lineage are

Shymala Mohanraj, whom I stayed and  studied with during my time in
India. Shymala gave me insights of order for the adavus. She also was a
true artist to witness in expression of abhinaya ( facial expression-
specific  to dance)

Aggie Brenneman ( also a student of the Bala T. Saraswati family tradition)

Has been a huge support. She has been an active teacher  of Bharata Natyam for over a decade in the berkeley.

She helped make the dream of the Bahrata Natayam instructional DVD a reality.

Aggie graciously  continues to train  and guide me in the realm of bahrta Natayam.